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NEW 02-12 Version of the 1500 FORM with pop-up instructions
   · Amazing, EASY interface with box-by-box instructions
   · Quick links to manual, "Pro Tips" for billing, and your own Notes about each box
   · Instructional video to inform you and your staff of the changes, and what to do

"Multi-Pick" to add multiple Diagnosis, Procedures, or Products to any invoice
   · Choose as many as you want and add them all with one click!

Enhanced Electronic Medical Records Capabilities

   · HIPAA compliant, using accepted EMR standards for data encryption and protection.
   · Practitioner signatures for SOAP Notes and Invoices
   · Access Log to track who logs in to your file and when

ICD-10 Preparedness -- With your current subscription, get a free upgrade in plenty of time for when ICD-10 will be required, currently October 2015.

QuickClips, Improved Email Attachments, & File Storage
   · Store your often used phrases, sentences or paragraphs
          o Quickly paste into almost anywhere in ClientTracker
  · New Cloud storage of "practice files" used for email attachments
  · One-step convert invoice to PDF and email to client as attachment

SOAP Notes & SOAP Templates
   · "Copy Previous SOAP" button to speed up data entry
Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator right on the SOAP Note!
Free form SOAP Note -- a blank slate for you to create & format as you wish
   · Client Instructions -- use for special instructions, information; even promotions!
    o Customizable and prints separately from the SOAP Note.
    o Add the Next Appointment date
    o Add an “ingredient list”
   · Private notes -- exclude from SOAP printouts as desired
   · New fields -- weight and electric acupuncture procedures
   · New time start & end fields for Treatments to support CPT coding
   · Mark a SOAP final with a date
   · Editable lists, data entry shortcuts, and customizable SOAP Note fields
   · Choose between scanned signature, a blank signature line, or nothing at all
   · Quickly delete all line items - not just one at a time

Products & “Formulas”
   · SOAP Templates now have Products, so you can set up “formulas” of many constituent  
     ingredient line items, and import them into an existing SOAP Note

   · Option to copy Products from previous SOAP Notes and SOAP Templates
   · Generate “label” information including a list of ingredients, and print from ClientTracker, or
     paste into label printing software of your choice; saving the label info in the SOAP Note

   · Copy “instructions for use” quickly from any Inventory item added to a SOAP Note as a
     Product sold - paste into Client Instructions or Formula Label as needed

   · "Copy Previous Invoice" button to speed up data entry
Easily change the order of line items on any invoice by dragging them up or down
   · Quickly delete all line items - not just one at a time
   · Choose between scanned signature, a blank signature line, or nothing at all
   · Add the Next Appointment date to the invoice note
   · Superbill for insurance companies has the Place of Service
   · Set a default for a new client’s invoice type
   · Add Client Checkout Notes that appear as an alert on invoices

Client Payments & Adjustments
   · View and print a list of all a Client’s payments from their record
   · Add Next Appointment info to printed receipts
   · Easily find unpaid invoices with just Client balance

Appointment Confirmation Email
   · Schedule to send automatically 1, 2, or 3 days before the appointment
   · Option to send upon appointment creation or not

   · A client’s “previous” and “next appointment info” shows on the pop-up Appointment window, if
     they exist

   · Appointment type totals added to Calendar layouts and schedule printouts: Initial, No Show, etc.
   · Waiting List feature finds Clients who want an appointment ASAP or need a return visit in the future

New Reports
   · Items Sold - option to choose as list or sorted and subtotaled by practitioner
   · Payments & Posting Log Combined - shows both in one report
   · Appointment - Invoice Status - prints from Calendar, a list of appointments and if an invoice
     has been created or if it is paid or has a balance due

   · Vendor Reorder Worksheet - prints from vendor record; list of all items, with all quantity  on
     hand & suggested reorder quantities
   · Select Unpaid Invoices with balance due from client OR insurance... EZ way to send statements!

Enhanced Reports
   · Diagnosis Codes & Procedure Codes - option to choose subtotaled by practitioner
   · Client Statements
   o now show Adjustments & separate out insurer balance due from the client’s balance due
   o new options choose to print selected, all or just unpaid invoices on statement
   · Transactions - now separates Payments & Adjustments and shows Adjustments by type
   · Visits with No Invoice - Easy options to mark visits for which you won't need an invoice so
     they won’t show on this report in the future

See the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.
New Features in ClientTracker 5
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