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Changes I Ching Software
A Modern Tool for an Ancient Practice
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Bring the ancient art of the I Ching to your computer desktop with Changes I Ching Software! Clear, in-depth interpretations by renowned I Ching author R.L. Wing bring the ancient wisdom of this oracle into focus in a way that's entirely accessible and straightforward.

For Windows and Mac computers

Throw the coins to generate Hexagrams
View complete information about the Hexagrams and Trigrams you receive
Keep a detailed journal about your impressions of the Hexagrams
Watch patterns emerge as you receive readings and note which changing lines tend to appear more with which topics
Read through the hexagrams and their meanings





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The beautiful, intuitive interface guides you through the process of asking questions and creating readings, viewing detailed information about your readings, keeping a journal of your impressions of Hexagrams and the patterns in which they appear in your life.



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Changes I Ching Software