Support Summary  
  Support Is Always Included with ClientTracker
Version 5.0

How to Get the Help You Need

For both Desktop and Cloud, your subscription includes standard product support during posted hours.  No more "Support Plans," per-incident fees, or delays due to not having support.  Now, EVERYONE who has an active subscription gets support for the product they have chosen.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm Eastern Time                      877-727-6174 (toll free)
Standard support includes email and phone service, online manual, videos, and other resources.  For full details on the scope of support, i.e. "what's included?" click here.
  • The Online Manual is the preferred resource, and is available whenever you need. It's very comprehensive and searchable by keywaord so it's easy to find what you're looking for. Click here to see the directory.
  • Email is the best method for handling questions that are not urgent, and for which a procedural explanation and/or link to the online manual would be most helpful.  This way, you can save, share, and search for explanations in your email list.
  • Phone replies are provided promptly whenever possible, and if you're with patients we will leave a message.  This is best for urgent situations that can't wait for an email, or cases where remote observation and tutelage is helpful.

Additional Training to Make the Best Use of Your ClientTracker

How many years of school did you complete to become a practitioner?  How many hours of classes, studying, and practice did it take before you felt ready to serve your community with your healing skills?  ClientTracker is a robust and comprehensive practice management tool that has the power to save you significant time on necessary administrative tasks, so you'll have more time to spend with your patients.  Compared with the investment you made for school, isn't it worth a small business investment in time and money to learn how to use this tool effectively?

Our standard support is adequate to answer specific questions you may have about how to use the program, but where ClientTracker really shines is in its ability to "go with the flow" of your office.  Scheduled, in-depth training is a sensible way to gain the skills and insight that leverage your software tool to enhance your business practices.  It's also a great way to train new employees to be productive as soon as possible!

Available Training Modules Include

  • Advanced 1500 Form and E-Billing


  • Verification of Client Insurance

  • Extracting Value: knowing how to file claims; reducing denials; maximize payments; build relationships with Payers

  • SOAP Design & Templates

    • Customizing the SOAP Note
    • SOAP Template system
  • Formulas & Labels , in conjunction with SOAP Templates

    • Inventory used for Formulas
    • Templates and labeling
  • Communication Templates

    • Email and other Marketing

    • Letters & Forms used in your practice

    • Appointment Confirmation Email

  • Schedule Setup & Design

  • Your schedule templates

  • Training new/replacement office staff
  • Business Reports
  • Financial system

Training Formats - All formats include supporting materials and additional phone or email follow-up afterwards

  • Scheduled Webinar - Online, scripted, with time for Q&A at the end.
  • Group Training - Online, scripted based on your agenda, with questions managed during the session.
  • One-on-One Coaching - Online or via remote connection; with as much detail as needed.

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