The art of electronic medical records

Dream Practice Coaching
Resources to help build a successful practice, including a free business building kit. Run by acupuncturists, Dream Practice coaching is a comprehensive and powerful way to get the support, knowledge, and guidance you need to own a prosperous private practice
Acupuncture Referral Service: An excellent guide for the general public about acupuncture and chinese medicine. features a comprehensive online database of acupuncture providers for people and animals, pictures, resources, advice, decision support tools and much more.
Acupuncture Information Portal: A well designed portal for information on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine worldwide. Site features the "aculinks directory" which includes over 600 TCM related websites chosen for depth of content and quality of presentation. Other features include a referral service which currently has over 3,000 acupuncturists worldwide, and the "acublog" which takes a look at biomedical research through the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture Mediaworks
Acupuncture Marketing and Educational Material: Tools you can use to support and grow your practice. Postcards, education cards, brochures, and books designed by professional designers for acupuncturists.

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