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ClientTracker's Features Can Save You Time and Money:

ClientTracker delivers a robust array of features that can be combined and customized for maximum practice efficiency and electronic medical records management. Its attractive, easy-to-use format and extensive online manual ensures you will be up and running soonest.

We are constantly improving ClientTracker and adding more features, often based upon feedback from our enthusiastic customers. Look for the and flags below for the most recent additions.

Table of Contents
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Billing & Invoices

  • Create professional invoices, superbills, and 1500 claim forms
    • Save invoices as electronic files (using your own methods) and email to clients
  • Save time with faster data entry
    • Auto-fill invoices with patient information, diagnosis and procedures codes
    • More efficient creation of invoices for multiple dates of service
    • Keyboard shortcuts to speed up entering line items on an invoice
  • Search for, view, or print a list of invoices by Claim Sent Date
  • Track invoices until they are paid and sort clients by outstanding balance
  • Procedure and Diagnosis Codes are easy to customize, sort, search, and tag frequently used
  • Set up unlimited templates that will create an invoice (and a SOAP Note) with codes for different visit types and/or practitioner preferences
  • Apply discounts to individual products and procedures, or globally to the entire invoice
  • Sales Tax options, including non-taxable items, multiple rates
  • Create a custom text header for Simple & Superbill invoices with your Practice Name + other info
  • Archive old invoices simply and flexibly
  • Payments
    • Fast entry and tracking of full or partial payments
    • Group clients into families for distributing shared payment funds
    • Make multiple payments and adjustments
    • Print a time-saving, HIPAA-compliant Deposit Slip
  • Credits
    • Generate credit for returned products or reversed procedure charges
    • Apply the credit to invoice(s) with a balance
    • Give a refund for unused credit
  • Invoice Reports
    • Unpaid, Incomplete & Blank, or No Charge Invoices, Visits with No Invoice
    • Enter your own titles for selected reports
  • Financial Reports
    • Transactions: detail or summary, by date range, practitioner, and/or client
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Liabilities: Unused Credit
    • Payments & Posting Logs
    • Sales Tax

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Client Records

  • Store client personal information, including multiple addresses, phone numbers, and email; plus demographic info such as age, occupation, etc.
  • Find clients faster by typing a few letters to narrow a list
  • Collect thorough medical histories, past conditions, allergies, hospitalizations
  • View a client’s clinical history of diagnoses, procedures, and products by date range
  • Manage HIPAA-compliant Privacy Practices, Receipt of Privacy Practices, and Authorization to Release Health Information forms
  • View separate balances for Client and amount owed by Insurance (if any)
  • Client Statements
    • Track & find date last invoice sent
    • View or print a list/report by Last Statement Date
    • Add & store a custom, individual note to each client's statement
    • Attach electronic file of statement to client's record
    • Email a statement to clients
    • Keep a record of all communications to and from clients
    • Easily create printed or email communication and forms; customized for each client
    • Set a default invoice type and practitioner for speedy data entry
    • Customize check-in info to display in a client’s appointment notes
    • View appointment and visit statistics right on each client’s record
    • Track clients by categories of your choice
    • Archive inactive and deceased clients
    • Client Reports
      • Personal info, medical history
      • Statement of account
      • Client Sources
      • Visit & invoice summary
      • Client list, Contact sheet, or Export emails

Calendar & Scheduling

  • Make and Manage Appointments
    • Create appointments with one click for multiple practitioners & multiple rooms
    • Create recurring appointments
    • View appointment info in a handy pop-up window from the calendar, visit lists or SOAP Notes
    • Send automatic initial appointment confirmations via email with a link to a map and directions
    • Send follow-up email appointment confirmations
    • Track and manage frequency and charges for No Shows and Cancellations, both valid & invalid
    • Show appointments by any date range, and print in a variety of reports or schedules (see below)
    • Export appointments for compatible external applications or devices
    • Flexible interface allows coordination with your own online scheduling system>
    • Quickly see if an invoice has been created for an appointment
  • Interactive Graphical Calendar
    • View by day, week, or month
    • Flexible, scrollable views by practitioner or room
    • Create an unlimited number of practitioners
    • Designate capacity for an unlimited number of rooms
    • Mark appointments as confirmed from the calendar list or pop-up window
    • Create reminders and recurring reminders for one or all practitioner schedules
  • Scheduling Reports
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, or upcoming appointments by practitioner or room
    • Print in appointment schedule formats; by practitioner or room; with a variety of sorts
    • Customize the titles of your reports & schedules

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  • Efficiently track your herbs, supplements, and other supplies
    • Track stock on hand, number of items sold, and profit margins
    • Enter "optimum quantity" to have on hand
    • Reorder alert tells you when it's time to replenish your stock
    • Easily distinguish between taxable and nontaxable items
    • Store unlimited reference information about any item
  • Manage “non-inventory” items like Gift Certificates, Shipping, No Show charges, or Returned Check fees
  • Store contact information for vendors of herbs, practice, and office supplies; view all products by vendor
  • Simple-to-use log tracks all inventory transactions
    • Manually adjust past or current inventory levels
  • Inventory Reports:
    • Sales & Profitability, Cost of Goods, Inventory Valuation
    • Inventory List, Items to Reorder
    • Product Sold Report for any item or time period

Marketing & Communications

  • Fully integrated, flexible, and robust communications and marketing management solution
  • Compatible with Gmail
  • Add attachments to email sent from ClientTracker
    • Single or multiple recipients get the attachment
    • Set up a template with an attachment (e.g. new patient forms)
  • Edit your own Appointment Confirmation Email
  • Create templates for letters, forms and emails
    • Format text in templates or individual letters & forms
    • Print templates as blank paper forms, handouts, or flyers
  • Save typing with text segments to quickly build a communication or template
  • Generate customized welcome letters and birthday greetings for clients
  • Manage referral thank you letters for clients or referral providers
  • Customize mass letters or emails for each recipient with merge fields
  • Create records of all incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages from almost all screens
  • Be HIPAA compliant by saving all client communications
  • Add your logo and customize the header of letters and forms or print on your own stationery
  • Print mailing labels and envelopes for Clients, Referral Providers, Vendors, or Insurers
    • Print envelopes in portrait or landscape
  • Marketing Reports
    • Interactive reporting of referral sources and client visit info
    • Track referrals from clients, providers, other people and sources
    • Client statistics

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Secure and Easy to Use

  • Easy to Restore from Local Backup
  • Make additional backups to anywhere your computer is connected
  • HIPAA compliant password protection for administrator and staff
  • HIPAA Confidentiality Notice can be added to all emails
  • Improved speed throughout
  • Simple browser-like navigation, using “Back, “Forward” and hyperlinks
  • Logical toolbar with intuitive icons
  • Windows or Mac
  • Includes password protection and automatic data backup for security
  • Printer friendly formats for all data screens
  • Confidentiality Notice on all emails

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  • Expanded financial reports: sales tax, cost of goods sold, financial summary, payments and postings logs
  • Detailed configuarable transaction report - Get summary of income, sales tax, discounts by date range, practitioner, and/or client
  • Unpaid Invoices, Unfiled Claims, Office Visits with No Invoice, etc.
  • Sort Accounts Receivable report by client
  • Deposit Slips, Credit Card Deposits
  • Print statement of account for clients showing charges and payments
  • Print Multiple SOAP notes, upcoming appointments
  • Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory List, Inventory by Vendor, Items to Reorder


  • Set up & manage multiple client insurance policies
  • Mark clients to show as Self-Pay or pay by Insurance
  • 1500 Claim Forms
    • Apply insurance company preferences easily to printed 1500 claim form
    • Intuitive 1500 entry, saving information to be auto-entered
    • Auto-entry of client co-pays
    • Print 1500s on blank paper or pre-printed forms
  • Easily enter insurance company payments and distribute to a number of invoices
  • Handle those rare but troublesome insurance overpayments
  • Complete electronic billing solution: create and track batches of claims and upload them to a clearing house and most insurance companies
  • View and access a clearing house’s web page directly from within ClientTracker
  • Insurance Reports
    • Unsent 1500 claim forms
    • Insurance company details, including a list of client policies
    • Insurer Claim List assists in talking with insurance companies about unpaid claims


Attach Files & Photos to Clients and SOAP Notes

  • Attach any kind of electronic file to a client's record or an individual SOAP Note
  • ClientTracker “knows” where your files are and keeps them all in one place
  • Click on an attached file to open and work with it in its compatible program
    • This can be done right from a client record or SOAP Note
    • View photos with your own viewing software
    • Open PDF files with Adobe Reader

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SOAP Notes - Charts - Electronic Medical Records

  • SOAP Templates
    • Set up & manage SOAP Templates to pre-fill for specific conditions and/or practitioner preferences for initial and subsequent appointments
    • Pre-fill with basic Diagnosis and Procedure Codes
    • These templates also pre-fill applicable charges on each visit’s invoice
  • Easy-to-use anatomical interface: one click to indicate areas of pain or complaint
  • Fill out and manage SOAP Notes in General or Acupuncture formats
    • For any type of practice
    • Customize templates and individual SOAP Notes' preferred format
  • Type or paste "free text" into large fields for easy data entry and viewing
    • Formattable text to customize your printouts
    • Or use your existing SOAP Note method and attach it to ClientTracker's record
    • Customize some aspects of how your SOAP Note prints
  • You control how SOAP Note information from a previous visit or a SOAP Template is copied to a new visit
    • Do this automatically or on demand
    • Set up for different practitioner preferences
    • Includes invoice line items to save even more time
  • SOAP Note and Invoice
    • Automatically share the same diagnoses, procedures, and products
    • Quickly generate an invoice from a SOAP Note, or vice-versa
    • Add multiple SOAP Notes (i.e. Dates of Service) to one invoice
  • SOAP Notes & Visit Reports
    • Find and print individual SOAP Notes and/or reports for dates or clients that you select
    • HIPAA-compliant practitioner signature line
    • Clinical diagnoses given and procedures performed
    • Clinical history of all line items on a client's SOAP Notes by date range

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Utilities & Performance

  • Improved speed throughout
  • Logical toolbar with intuitive icons
  • Simple browser-like navigation, using "Back," "Forward," and Hyperlinks
  • Back & Forward returns you to the previous found set and sort order
  • Quickly switch between different areas of ClientTracker, retaining the sets of records you were browsing
  • Quickly search on a full list screen or pop-up selection list with “QuickFinder”
    • Perform custom, multi-criteria searches in Clients, Visits, Invoices and Inventory
  • Go to a client's main screen from any invoice and many other places
  • Comprehensive online, searchable Manual with extensive graphics, tips, and hyperlinks
  • Windows or Mac platforms supported (OS Lion compatible)
  • Email and live phone support available

Simple Check Register

  • Works with one bank account
  • Track all deposits: checks, cash, credit cards, bank interest, etc.
  • The total of the checks and cash on a ClientTracker generated Deposit Slip
  • Individual credit card payments on invoices
  • Manually enter other deposits or credits to your account
  • Manually enter all payments and expenses: checks, ATM transactions and bank fees
  • Track all register entries by custom categories
  • Register Reports
    • Reconcile monthly bank & credit card statements
    • Income and Expenses report

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